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beauty: the autumn edit

Matter of fact I have to confess: Yes, I am lipstick addicted!
I think a lipstick is the best accessories a women can wear and no matter how less time you have for your daily make up, there are always a few seconds to put on the perfect shade of lipstick to give you outfit the final touch!
So as all my friends and fellows know, I´m wearing lipstick like really every day. The more bright and edgy they are, the better. Only on bad days i try some nude tones because I´m not into refreshing my lipstick like all the time
But i know that if it comes to good lipsticks you can spend a great fortune on them. And not all the time the most expensive ones are the best! Actually I´m an absolute fan of MÄC cosmetics, especially of their matte lip tones. They stay on your lips for hours!
Astor by the way launched a matte lipstick line I can really relate to! they are really smooth and long-lasting and have great colors too.
My newest addiction right now is the smooth matte line from NYX! They have plenty of different and beautiful shades and the price is really good for their quality too.
And now that the windy and colorful  days of autumn are coming soon, you should definitely pick some autumn shades for your lips.
I´ve just put you 3 of my favorite autumn tones with different examples ranging from cheap to expensive all together.
Enjoy lovelys xx
left: RIMMEL – Kate Moss Shade #1
middle: MÄC – Ruby Woo
right: CHANEL – Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Colour in Pirate
left: MÄC – Stone
middle: NYX – Beauty Mark
right: BOBBY BROWN – Honeysuckle
left: CATRICE – Berry Bradshaw
middle: MAYBELLINE – Colour Drama Lip Pencil NR. 310
right: MÄC – Matte Liquid High Drama
graphic design inspiration on the road photography

Photokina & Adobe Spark



Behind me lies an incredible exciting weekend in Cologne, where I did not only meet countless amazing people but also learned a lot about myself. I was invited to the Photokina (the worlds biggest photography event that takes place every second year) to be a speaker for Adobe – and as I write this I’m still having a hard time believing that all of this really happened.


IMG_2016-09-28 22:53:43

I don’t think I have ever been so nervous before – I also never had a stage talk that was simultaneously broadcasted with a live stream – and I’m gonna need a lot more practice to stay as calm as I would like to be with things like this BUT it made me step out of my comfort zone and the whole experience itself was totally worth it!

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Outfit: Pubstories

I´m pretty sure that London spreads all of its beauty in summer
when the sun is shining and all the people are sitting
outside of the pubs with their drinks in their hands.
The girls holding their too high heels in their hands,
always having a pair of flats in their bag to change.
Imagine the clinking of their glasses and the happy laughter in the background
whilst scrolling over my latest outfit pictures.
Enjoy the very last days of summer and sunshine
before getting ready for the leaves to fall for autumn.




Outfit: Go the denim way



Like everyone else living in London I can’t stop complaining about the weather!

Advice number one for everyone who actually considers spending their life in the UK:

always always always carry an umbrella in your bag!

Even if there is no sight of clouds at all, trust me, it will rain some time during the day.

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It’s all about Vintage




Vintage is new in Town! Well acutally it´s not new at all.

Clothes that are called „Vintage“ simply have the age of over 20 years. This trend came up in the very last 10 years and still get´s even popular.

What used to be second hand / Grannys clothes slowly become trendy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a designer Vintage or just any other Vintage piece. More important is how to combine it perfectly.

All you need is lots of creativity and little bit of convidence!

But all I can say: You never go wrong with a old Levis Jeans!

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Design: Emma, let’s take a trip

emma, let´s take a trip
 Reminiscing to the so far hardest and most stressful time of my life a.k.a my bachelor semester,
I came to the decision to share my creative work with you.
After months of sewing, stitching, cutting, researching and exceeding my own limits I created a collection of 7 colorful and expressive outfits.
In cooperation with the Milano based company „Dreamlux“ I was able to create some innovative pieces with integrated LED lights.
Head over to their website to know more about their impressive fabric:


LED bomber jacket blue
When I was first thinking about writing this post I wanted to explain my whole concept and all of my thoughts and motivations to the issue of my collection. But for now I just want you to let this video sink in and inspire.



Fashion on the road photography

Outfit: A little 90s



These snaps show the merge of 90s flashbacks, Spongebob Squarepants,
Superstars and of course peace and harmony.
Combining popping colors of the Streetarts here in Shoreditch with a casual white-grey office look, topped with some key elements of the 90s style: poppy little half buns, classical Adidas Superstars
and of course the velvet choker.

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Fashion on the road




For me pink was always a way too girly and childish colour.

In fashion it always reminded me of all that princess and glittery stuff,

which i wasn’t into at all when i was younger.

So maybe the time is now to relive my childhood and wearing this all over glittery and twinkly

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