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What I love the most about London

is the fact that nobody cares.

No one looks at you as if you were some crazy stranger just because you are dressed in a different way.

If you walk down the streets in Shoreditch with neon hair and a metallic dress, combined with a fury pink clutch nobody will watch you when you walk by, because there is nothing special to it.

It is like normal.

So thank you London for giving me the opportunity to wear all the different styles i love and colorful and individual outfits.


The best thing about that fact is: you can easily get yourself a coffee at the tiny shop across the street with nothing on but a pjyama and ugg boots and a messy bun.

And no, I won´t show you my messy bun – pajama look within this post. But a classy look for you everyday life making it special by adding some colorful accessories and red lipstick.

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