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Der Hype um dich, der scheint endlos, denn alle wollen bei dir sein. Du erzählst Geschichten von Freiheit und von Rebellion und vor allem junge Leute und solche, die immer jung bleiben wollen, hängen dabei gierig an deinen Lippen. Du bist wunderschön, keine Frage, wenn auch mit vielen Ecken und Kanten – vielleicht machen auch gerade die dich spannend. Du bist unendlich vielseitig und du weißt genau um deine Mächtigkeit, mit der du jeden umhaust, der dich das erste Mal sieht. Du bist wie unser eigenes kleines New York, denn du gibst einem unendlich viele Möglichkeiten.


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Photokina & Adobe Spark

Behind me lies an incredible exciting weekend in Cologne, where I did not only meet countless amazing people but also learned a lot about myself. I was invited to the Photokina (the worlds biggest photography event that takes place every second year) to be a speaker for Adobe – and as I write this I’m still having a hard time believing that all of this really happened.


I don’t think I have ever been so nervous before – I also never had a stage talk that was simultaneously broadcasted with a live stream – and I’m gonna need a lot more practice to stay as calm as I would like to be with things like this BUT it made me step out of my comfort zone and the whole experience itself was totally worth it!


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Beauty Fashion inspiration

beauty: the autumn edit

Matter of fact I have to confess: Yes, I am lipstick addicted!

I think a lipstick is the best accessories a women can wear and no matter how less time you have for your daily make up, there are always a few seconds to put on the perfect shade of lipstick to give you outfit the final touch!
So as all my friends and fellows know, I´m wearing lipstick like really every day. The more bright and edgy they are, the better. Only on bad days i try some nude tones because I´m not into refreshing my lipstick like all the time

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